Develop Your Sales Force

Teamwork and team spiritWhen you partner with us to implement your integrated, enterprise-wide selling system, you can expect measurable results in 10 distinct areas:

 1. More effective prospecting: Utilize a fresh, non-traditional approach to capture your prospect’s interest and imagination on the first call.  Then, quickly help them discover why it is in their best interest to “invite” you in!  

2. Weeding out non-buyers earlier:  Your time and your company’s resources are extraordinarily valuable! Your prospect must earn them.  Facilitate your prospect convincing you early on that their needs are of sufficient importance to justify their firm commitment to a thorough evaluation of your proposed solution.  

3. A shorter selling cycle:  Develop strong up-front agreements with prospective clients early in the selling cycle that exactly defines a step-by-step plan that will bring the process to an outcome within a mutually acceptable time frame, such that, the 21st Century definition of a “closer” becomes a salesperson who can skillfully bring a selling situation to outcome.  

4. Less discounting:  Price is never the real issue!  Sales reps will gain the confidence and skill to shift the buyer’s focus from the price of your solution to: (a) the cost of not implementing your solution, and: (b) their return on investment.  If your customer really has the conviction that they’ll get a significantly better return per invested dollar by going with you, they’ll gladly pay you more!  

5. Higher closing ratios:  Through your superior knowledge of your prospect’s needs, and the precise execution of the strong up-front agreements (as stated above), you will differentiate your solution, and yourself, from your competition.  

6. Lower cost per sales:  Through the more precise qualification of prospective clients, precious resources previously wasted on non-buyers in unwarranted evaluation processes, demos, on-sites, and prototypes is now more wisely allocated.  

7. More effective team selling:  Experience the power of a sales team where every member is 100% bought-in to the exact same sales model.  Every member always knows where they are in the process, what their exact role is, and, every communication, both internal and external, is utterly precise.  

8. More accurate forecasting:  By achieving meaningful milestones throughout the selling cycle, the projected probability of a deal coming to fruition is within a significantly smaller margin of error.  In addition, mechanisms are installed to protect the integrity of the overall forecasting system.  

9. Higher activity level per sales rep:  “The greatest motivator for a professional salesperson is winning.”  Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence.  Fresh new tactics and strategies that really work deliver the kind of wins on a minute-by minute basis that creates a ground swell of excitement and activity.  

10. An overall increase in morale:  Optimum morale is attained by sales professionals when they feel good and believe in: (a) themselves; (b) their company, and; (c) their market.  One of the most important benefits of a successful implementation is sustainable improvement in all three areas.