Optimize Your Sales Force

SFX3 - Excellent chartHave you ever wondered:  “Do I have the right horses to pull this wagon?”  

When it comes to sales force architecture, we have the tools, data, validation, understanding and track record to optimize your sales force.  While you may not need to resolve all of the issues that make up sales force architecture, most of them will apply:

Optimization – do you have the right number of salespeople and can you do more with less?
Roles – are the right salespeople in the right roles and, if not, what are the best roles for
Models – which of your salespeople can make the two most desirable sales transitions of the 21st century? Who will be able to transition from behaving like an account manager to being more proactive at hunting for new opportunities and new business? And who will be able to make the transition from presenting/proposing/quoting to more customer focused consultative selling?
Process – do you currently have an effective sales process or do we need a more formalized, structured, optimized sales process?
Selection Criteria – have you been selecting the right people for our sales organization and, if not, how should it change?
Alignment – is your sales leadership/management team aligned on strategy?
Execution – is the current sales force capable of executing your changing strategies?
Sales Management – how effective is your sales management team at coaching, motivating, recruiting, developing and driving accountability?  Is their success or lack thereof a result of their people or their sales management skills?
Development – Which of the B’s, C’s and D players can step up and become A’s and B’s, and who can’t be developed?  What will it take?  How long will it take?  How much improvement is possible?  What will the ROI be?
Compensation – Is your current compensation plan effective and are our people motivated by it?  If not, what must change?

Our pioneering, world-class suite of sale force assessment trools will take the guess work out of the equation and provide answers to all of these questions, along with insights, recommendations and action steps to make the redesign of your sales force as effortless, efficient, cost-effective and time-saving as possible.