Professional Services Firms

rainmaker1It happened right in front of your eyes.  The economy changed.  Companies changed.  They restructured, they downsized and some went out of business.  While most everyone was affected, professional services firms are still feeling some of the financial repercussions.  In better times, clients showed up at the door. 

Today, many of these clients have drifted away for one reason or another.  Profitable clients are hard to keep.  And, the ones which are still around have figured out how to reduce the amount they are paying in professional fees.  Many professional service firms are now faced with the task of uncovering and developing business opportunities – code words for prospecting and closing business.  For salespeople these are everyday tasks.  For this group of professionals, prospecting, closing business and generating referrals is often like navigating through foreign, hostile waters without charts or a compass.

While being a “salesperson” is the last role a professional would see himself taking on, many have realized the changes having taken place in the business arena dictate pro-active behavior in order to stay in business and stay profitable.  Having a greater sensitivity to the selling process and being more comfortable with it are necessary to identify and develop business opportunities.