Commercial Real Estate Firm

“We chose Yannes & Associates over anyone else because of their holistic approach of consulting, coaching, training and development, and their work was not just sales training.  We also liked their commitment to work with myself as the managing Partner, and the group of five Partners as well as with the entire team.

They are helping me as the managing partner grow the people and the revenues, and they are helping us hire and develop the right people who truly want to be here.  We look to them for our future growth in this firm.  We like the partnering aspect. That is important to me and to all of our team.”

Forming and Shoring Specialist and Concrete Accessories Company

“We have worked closely with Karl of  Yannes & Associates on creating and improving our sales management systems and processes. Specifically, we have instituted an accountability system for both myself and my employees which has led to rapid growth and substantial profits.

Everything we’ve learned from Karl has been a key part in our work with P4P (Planning for Profits), especially as we grow our people and our business, and as we bring on new people who are truly a good fit for our company and who will contribute to our growth goals going forward.”

We work with them on vision, management and leadership issues as well, and Karl serves on our Executive Board. We have been working with them since 2006. Revenues have climbed in excess of 100% over the past nine years.

International Golf Club and Destination Firm

“After I bought this business, Karl helped me become comfortable with the behavior plan and simple techniques that have helped me grow the business from 290 to 500 Members in less than three years.”

Government and Commercial Language and Translation Services Firm

“I have worked with Yannes & Associates on all aspects of Sales Force and Business Development for over 15 years. They have helped us hire the right people and hold them accountable for their selling and business development activities and results. We instituted multiple sales processes covering the different divisions in the company, and trained the team how to go after new clients.

Karl also help formulate and served on our BOD after the company was sold to a larger Government contractor in 2010. He participated in the hiring process of the new CEO in 2015.”

Revenues grew over 700% in over 13 years.

Wealth Management Firm

We helped build the business in year one by developing strong and consistent referral strategies. We helped to add two new partners that were and continue to perform and build strong and lasting relationships with clients.

We helped to transition a non-performing business development person out of the firm and saved $150,000 in the first year.

Length of engagement was five years and then in subsequent years on different projects.

Law Firm

We worked with the five partners on Leadership and Sales.

They were tired of being “in the beauty contests with other law firms and not winning new clients so they wanted strategies and help on how to win and how to find pain.”

The five Partners felt they were able to work better as partners and could actually lead the firm and agree and disagree without causing problems.  The Partners found the time we spent together every month was valuable and results were being made on a consistent basis in their leading the future of the firm, and in the hiring and managing other lawyers.

We identified key attorneys that could and would do more business development and build relationships with business owners in the city. This firm was later bought by the largest firm in the State.

The time of engagement was 5 years.

The same five Partners wanted help to develop a team of business consultants that could handle their clients.  We developed a “portal of business consulting” ranging from accounting, investment capital, IT, HR, and Organizational Flow for their clients.  The five Partners at the law firm wanted a “one stop” shopping experience for their clients like none other and we did just that by creating a progressive approach that made a major impact in Indianapolis.  They were often showcased in the Indianapolis Business Journal for their creative and cutting edge thinking and actions.

We instituted a hiring process for adding consultants to the team, and through our process saved the Firm $500K in wrong hires. We created an accountability system that staged this consulting arm to be profitable within the first year.

The time of engagement was 3 years.

Insurance Firm

“To be competitive in this marketplace and for the future you must have a system and work with Yannes and Associates.

We hired key people who were able to perform in a shorter ramp up period than ever before – instead of giving someone five years to see if they could make it. We were seeing successful results in 2-3 years of time because of the hiring process and the selling process brought to us by Karl.  Without him and that process we would have continued to spend $150K+++ on a person that was a bad hire.”

Our partnering with the owners gave them the ability to define bigger revenue goals and create a vision of performance and accountability they never had before. This business grew from $1mm to over $10mm before it was bought by a large bank.

We are still engaged with this client after 22 years.

Another Insurance Firm

“Our transfer of leadership from one generation to the next was executed in a way that was the best for all parties with Yannes & Associates help.   They understood the delicate balance between father and son and helped to make that transfer and transition more enjoyable and it was agreed by all parties that it was precisely the right thing to do at the right time.  The upcoming leaders were developed and taken to the next level with Karl’s help.

Our Firm could actually plan for the future growth that was unstoppable.  We added new people and new systems and a new site out West.  We could not have done any of that without their help.”

Revenues have climbed to the $30mm range.

We are still engaged with this client after 20 years.

Engineering Firm

“We were stuck and we had 80% of our business with one client, and the worst is we never discussed nor did we understand that until Karl began to work with us and continued to ask the difficult questions.

We were starting to lose money and did not understand how and why until they asked the key questions that we had to answer.

We were hiring the wrong business development people who were failing and costing us $100’s of thousands of dollars, and we had no way of knowing or answering why it was failing.  Yannes & Associates brought a tried and true process that was fail-proof.  We hired real business development people and trained them properly.

The three Partners felt they were beyond accountability until they said that we must change.  Once accountability kicked in by one of the Partners (who made his work and performance known weekly on a board to the entire company of 50+ employees) things changed dramatically.  All team members ultimately became accountable as well.”

The make-up of the business shifted from 80% to 25% of that client, and revenues jumped dramatically with other and new clients.

The major revelation was the ratio of work on a small project jumped to 1:10/100/1000X regarding all backend revenues.  The calculation was monitored that for every $1 of engineering work up front the yield was nearly 10/100/1000X in gross sales.  This was startling to the Partner who was the engineering mind of the company.  Therefore, we created a customized selling system for the engineers to sell.  The results came in both the top and bottom line.

“Implementing our sales process led our engineers and business development people to become global leaders in the engineering world, whereby, they occupied a space in the world market like none other.  They called on companies and got clients from the West to the East Coast and everywhere in between, and soon Puerto Rico, Europe, Canada and Mexico were a part of our playing field.”

Revenues grew 95% over five years.

Architectural and Engineering Firm

“We needed help with hiring the right folks for us and for figuring out who on the team was capable and willing of doing our business development.  We wanted to move away from so much bidding and create more relationships with ongoing potential for loyal business.  We needed new ways to survive in this market and Yannes & Associates helped us.”

By utilizing our hiring process, we found a successful business development person who shifted the business to forming relationships which eliminated always being in a bidding war.   In addition, we identified the engineers and project managers who could build relationships and ask for referrals.

Revenues climbed 300% over the 3 year time of engagement.



“Our commercial lenders did not know how to sell, and they spent all of their time taking people to the Pacers games, Colts games, and to the 500 Mile Race with no results…. and we wondered why was that happening and how do we fix that?  We were spending too much money on entertainment with little returns.

We wanted a system for building relationships that truly become business relationships.  Our people thought being “liked was more important than being a respected business professional” and that had to stop.”

We helped their leadership understand how to properly disqualify those prospective clients who would never do business them and completely changed how they used their entertainment dollars.

This bank was ultimately sold at a substantial gain.

Another Bank

“We hired Yannes & Associates when the Bank first opened for business to help our Branch Managers and Commercial Lenders become more comfortable hunting and closing for new business.  Karl not only taught us new techniques, but also a system for business development and to be accountable for our business development behaviors.”

Assets grew 1200% in four years.