***New*** On-Line Interactive Sales Training

High impact one-day training has very little equity.  The effect is comparable to getting a drink of water from a fire hydrant!  Most of it runs off and dries up in a short time.  Much like reading a book or going to the movies, one day events serve more as entertrainment rather than an effective vehicle for change.

So, if you’ve ever read the same book or seen the same movie again you’ve probably picked up something the second time that you didn’t notice the first time.  Similarly, and although we sometimes facilitate on-day events, this is the primary reason why most all of our training is on-going and reinforced over time.

This is where our latest on-line training component comes in.   The on-line training coupled with our “live” training seminars lends to a “blended” approach in order to better provide the reinforcement and real-world applications that will affect real change and ownership.  Ownership takes time, consistent effort and learning the right lessons from failure.   Finally, ownership occurs when you don’t have to consciously think about what you are doing.  Our “blended” approach provides the opportunity for this kind of clarity, and when that happens true change occurs.

We now have on-line training curriculums for sales development, sales management, customer service and retention, and leadership and executive development.  Our on-line approach includes:

  • Content – new information, concepts, ideals, principles, systems and processes proven to be effective when applied in the right setting. While some may be non-traditional we applaud you for your efforts to improve. Be sure to practice in low risk situations. Like anything else the first time you do something it is not always as successful as when you have had practice. The more I practice the luckier I get.
  • Workbooks – These are questions you must type the answers to. Repetition is the mother of learning. We set this up for you to be able to state in your own words what you are learning. As you will see below cut and paste will cause your work to be lost. We are not interested in your computer skills. Additionally we are not looking for short stories, novels or long winded explanations. Just a few brief sentences to let us know you get it. You may toggle back and forth from the workbook to the outline on the left.
  • Field Exercise – This is for you to make commitments to how, when and who you will use this information with. In other words, what will you start doing or stop doing based on what you learned from the course/module. Education without application impedes improvement.
  • Feedback – Once you have completed your field exercise we want to know how it went. Good, bad, or ugly is not important. It is important that we can but, more importantly you can see different outcomes from different behaviors. Many times it is just as important to learn what not to do.