There is a reason that so many companies turn to Yannes & Associates for help with revenue development.  We get results.  Whether you need to accelerate your growth, reverse flat or declining sales, reduce your cost of sales, hire a key sales executive, select stronger salespeople, change your sales model, implement a sales process, incorporate CRM and accountability, conduct training or coaching, or simply need a good sounding board, we will ask the right questions to identify the real issues and provide a sound solution. Your organization is different and you want a solution that’s right for you.  We’ve taken on some very unique and challenging clients, from start-ups to 5th generation; from small business to the Fortune 500, from professional service firms to non-profits.  Turning to Yannes & Associates makes sound business sense.


Nothing is more important to a CEO than the synergy and alignment resulting from a powerful, effective, engaged Leadership Team.  But not all Leadership Teams fit that description.  We evaluate your Leadership Team to learn what impact it has on revenue, identify gaps where crucial roles are not being filled effectively, identify opportunities to work more efficiently together, and develop skills that your leadership team must have.  Then we facilitate the formulation of the organization’s vision, mission, structure and culture in order to lay the foundation for extraordinary revenue growth far into the future.


Most companies have already cut every expense that can be cut and the only remaining area where a CEO can improve profitability is by significantly increasing revenue.  How?  By optimizing the sales force so that the entire team is generating more revenue, more consistently, and at greater margins.  The first step towards that goal is to evaluate your sales team to answer the more pressing questions that you have including whether the existing people can execute your strategy, why their results are the way they are, the impact of sales management, whether you have the right people in the right roles, whether you’ve been hiring the right people, which of your non-performers can become performers, how much better can they become, what it will take to get them there, and much more.

After answering these key questions, you’ll want to develop a sales process or optimize the one you have, optimize your sales pipeline, and develop metrics that actually drive revenue.  You’ll also want your sales manager(s) developed so that they can have the desired impact on revenue by effectively coaching, motivating and developing their salespeople while holding them accountable to the agreed upon metrics.  And when everything else is in place, you’ll want your salespeople to become more effective at overcoming resistance, developing opportunities and closing new business in the new–age competitive environment.


We build Champions in Business.  Our Brand Promise is that when you work with Yannes & Associates, the value of your business will increase.

Bio: Karl Yannes, MBA


Karl has spent his entire 30 year corporate career in the areas of sales and sales management.

Karl graduated with honors from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and sailed around the world as an officer on board US flag merchant ships.  He then went to work as a salesman for a European diesel engine group while earning an MBA at night.  In 1989, Karl was made VP for the North American operations and was an integral part of a management team whose aggressive and dynamic strategies were responsible for the growth of that company from $10 million to $370 million in revenue in less than 4 years.

Karl have been a featured speaker at national conferences and association meetings, and was an affiliates of Sandler Training, a national sales training organization with over 230 locations worldwide, rated the number one management and business development training franchise in the country by Entrepreneur Magazine.