Steady RelatorsCoaching

Whether it is to a CEO, VP, sales manager or a sales rep, Karl has a way of connecting with people to get them to achieve their goals and objectives.  Their down-to-earth style and real life experiences have lent him the kind of credibility which helps their clients to change old ineffective habits into new ones that give success.

ConsultingSales Process Consulting

Karl spends much of his time consulting to CEO’s and business owners of companies across different industries.  His long list of satisfied clients  grows every year, but they only takes on a few clients at a time.  If you are interested please inquire today.

lipstick on apigRecruiting

Karl his some of the best tools available for screening and hiring potential sales people and managers.  His tools and knowledge in the hiring process significantly reduce recruiting time while giving their clients much stronger candidates!

influencer-200x300Consultative Sales Training

Karl has trained hundreds of sales VP’s, Managers and various other level executives teams to rise above the rest.  With his no nonsense approach and his vast knowledge of variety of relevant topics, companies are sure to find what they are looking for.

Steady RelatorsSales Tools & Assessments

As a certified partner of a vast array sales tools and hiring assessments, Karl uses these solutions to help their clients select, hire, train and develop top producing sales reps time and time again.