CEO’s and Business Owners

CEOKarl has worked, one-on-one with over 500 CEO’s to bring their businesses the direct success and results that they were seeking.  He specializes in working with leaders of mid-sized companies (20 -1,000 employees) to turn around under performing sales organizations.  He is also skilled in helping his clients come up with a plan to run their businesses strategically, allowing them to gain better control and obtain substantial growth.

Just like you, Karl is an entrepreneurs.  In the past, he has built, owned, managed, and even helped sell a variety of companies from software to sales training.  And although Karl knows the joy of running your own business, he also knows the sheer amount of knowledge, time, energy and planning it takes to takes it to get to the next level.

Because businesses and clients can come in all shapes and sizes, Karl’s experience in a variety of fields often sets them apart from other consultants.  His ability to quickly gain a strong understanding of his client’s processes helps him come up with a strategic plan of action for the business.  Also, Karl realizes that sometimes people just want to discuss a specific topic or need a reality check.  He has helped many CEO’s avoid costly mistakes in marketing, outsourcing, hiring and consulting to name a few by just discussing a few ideas and options over the phone.

Here is what one CEO had to say after working with Yannes & Assoicates:

“I hired Karl to consult with us for solutions for what we determined to be a lack of new opportunities in the pipeline, long sales cycles and a low close rate.  After he evaluated our sales force, he gave us great suggestions on what we should do and helped train our salespeople on how to close more business faster.  I am happy to report that since we have implemented his ideas we have doubled the number of opportunities in the pipeline.”
Bob Shaw, President & CEO
A&M Supply

Karl is only interested in working with clients who are serious about the results they want to see and are willing to put in the effort it takes to reach those goals.